CloudLinux installation error: You have third-party kernel module rpm installed

I was trying to install CloudLinux on an existing cPanel server, and got this error:

[[email protected]:~]sh cldeploy -k mykey
Checking for an update to cldeploy
Downloading version.dat (please wait)
cldeploy is already the latest version (1.48) - continuing
You have third-party kernel module rpm installed (see line above).
It's not compatible with CloudLinux kernel.
Please contact CloudLinux support at

This part got my attention:

You have third-party kernel module rpm installed.
It’s not compatible with CloudLinux kernel.

The weird thing was this was a standard CentOS 7.x 64 bits with latest cPanel version installed, no 3rd party packages were installed.

The problem seems to be pretty simple, my system was shipped with kmod-kvdo package, which is not 100% compatible with Cloudlinux.

Since removing this package is not an option for me, I found a quick workaround to bypass this warning:


This parameter will avoid the kernel-header checks from the CloudLinux installation script.

In my case (key based installation):

sh cldeploy -k mykey --skip-kmod-check

But if you are using an IP based installation, this should be the command:

sh cldeploy --skip-kmod-check -i

Replace “” with your real main server IP.

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