How to Uninstall OptimumCache on CloudLinux

On this post we will see how to uninstall OptimumCache on CloudLinux based servers. OptimumCache boost your server and app performance by at least 30% on most cases. OptimumCache is the perfect solution for those who need to increase server performance, reduce server load and boost popular apps speeds like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

However, if you ever need to remove it, here is the definitive solution to uninstall optimumcache.

How can I uninstall optimumcache?

In order to remove or uninstall optimumcache, you will have to run the following command:

rpm --erase optimumcache

If you are running OptimumCache prior to version 0.2-11, you will also need to remove the optimumcache image files manually by deleting this files:

rm /var/share/optimumcache/optimumcache.image
rm /var/share/optimumcache/DiskDescriptor.xml
rm /var/share/optimumcache/DiskDescriptor.xml.lck

Or if you are using a customized path for your images:

rm /path/to/ploop/image/file
rm /path/to/ploop/image/DiskDescriptor.xml
rm /path/to/ploop/image/DiskDescriptor.xml.lck

That should be all. This way you can remove OptimumCache easily from your CloudLinux or cPanel server.

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