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Welcome to the Nginx Tutorials area, here you will find the best nginx tutorials for Linux operating systems, for both CentOS / RHEL and Debian / Ubuntu operating systems.

Nginx is the #1 web server in the world, powering top high traffic websites, and known to be extremely fast and lightweight for both dynamic and static content.

Best Nginx Tutorials

On this Nginx area you will find all articles related to Nginx, it’s configuration files, directives, but also detailed step by step guides on how to optimize Nginx and everything regarding its security and service hardening.

Our Nginx guides will cover nginxs configuration file, nginx virtual hosting, guides on configuring nginx on virtual servers, its configuration files, rewrite rules, and much more.

As well as finding the document root, version of Nginx, learn how to update and install nginx automatically.

Nginx autoindex: Enable directory listing on Nginx Web Server

How can I enable directory listing on Nginx web server in Linux? Directory listing can be enabled using the HttpAutoIndexModule, the one responsible for that function. The HTTP request is passed to the ngx_http_autoindex_module module when no index is found on your webpage. Enabling directory listing for a website using Nginx is pretty much simple, it takes 2 minutes and…

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