Nginx Tutorials

Welcome to the Nginx Tutorials area, here you will find the best nginx tutorials for Linux operating systems, for both CentOS / RHEL and Debian / Ubuntu operating systems.

Nginx is the #1 web server in the world, powering top high traffic websites, and known to be extremely fast and lightweight for both dynamic and static content.

Best Nginx Tutorials

On this Nginx area you will find all articles related to Nginx, it’s configuration files, directives, but also detailed step by step guides on how to optimize Nginx and everything regarding its security and service hardening.

Our Nginx guides will cover nginxs configuration file, nginx virtual hosting, guides on configuring nginx on virtual servers, its configuration files, rewrite rules, and much more.

As well as finding the document root, version of Nginx, learn how to update and install nginx automatically.

Install Brotli Compression on Nginx (ngx_brotli)

nginx brotli

Brotli is the next generation lossless compression algorithm for web applications. I discovered this fantastic new compression algorithm while working with one of my customers. It is the new RFC 7932 standart that provides a better solution than the traditional and beloved gzip. Nowadays, it is supported by 90% of the most popular browsers, so it is almost…

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How to setup Let’s Encrypt SSL on Multiple Servers using Nginx + Lsyncd

lets encrypt multiple servers nginx

Installing Let’s Encrypt on standalone servers with cPanel, or plain Linux servers without any control panel is an easy task that can be done within minutes. However, days ago our tech team faced a new interesting challenge. One of our customers required to install let’s encrypt on a website that is running across many Nginx servers using round…

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Run Nginx as a Docker Container

nginx docker tutorial

The days of working with FTP and simple operating system virtualizations are over… Modern web developers use Docker + Terminal to run & manage their services, and on this article we will explore a simple and fast way to run Nginx as a Docker container so you can start working with the fantastic Nginx dockerized. Docker containers changed…

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Best Nginx anti hotlink configuration in 2017

stop hotlinking on nginx

Hotlinking is a big problem for most developers and website owners. On this article we will explore what is hotlink, and how to effectively configure an image hotlink protection for Nginx. Are you looking for a simple Nginx configuration to stop image hotlinking? Tired of this problem? Keep reading to learn how to stop hotlinking, we are going to…

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Top 10 Nginx Tips to increase web server performance

nginx performance tips

Nginx is my favorite web server.  I started testing Nginx on 2010, and started writing Nginx tutorials around 2012, when it was being adopted only by a few big companies. Today everybody uses Nginx because it is fast and 100% compatible with all kind of web programming languages, by far the best alternative to Apache 2. Let’s find…

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Nginx upstream timed out

Upstream timed out (110: Connection timed out) while reading response header from upstream, that was the exact message I saw on my system logs today. I knew I already fixed this many times, but haven’t any documentation about it, that’s why today I’m writing this post, to have a definitive and fast way to search for Nginx upstream timed…

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Flush Nginx PageSpeed Cache on CentOS Linux | Delete ngx_pagespeed cache

Today I was working on a particular dedicated cluster that was an image http cluster, it was designed to serve massive images from a high level traffic website. The images are balanced across the three nodes, with a basic LEMP stack. Nginx was compiled manually with mod_pagespeed (known as ngx_pagespeed). Everything on the servers was working fine, however…

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