Best Linux Tips

At Nixcp we focus on creating useful Web Hosting Tutorials & Linux Tips for new and advanced users. This are some of the tutorials that you will find on this place:

cPanel: learn everything about cPanel, how it works, best recommended plugins, best cPanel practices and much more.

Securitylearn how to harden your Linux server security step by step. Stop hackers from getting into your box with the best security tutorials.

CentOS: is one of the most popular Linux Server Distributions, and here you will find the best how tos for CentOS based servers.

Web Servers: optimizing and managing web servers can be complicated, but we will show you how things must be done when you are working with Nginx, Apache or LiteSpeed, the three most popular web servers.

Databases: are you working as DBA or interacting with Databases? Learn more about MySQL server, PostgreSQL on cPanel and CentOS, and MongoDB, among many other database servers.

WHM: is the heart and soul of cPanel control panel. On this section you will find WHM tutorials to tweak your system and make it as fast, reliable and secure as possible.

Email: is one of the top services used on internet, and cPanel includes its powerful Exim mail server. On this area you will find the best Email and Exim server tutorials to ensure your mails are delivered and received right in time.

CloudLinux: secures and expand your system features by using CageFS, PHP Selector and MySQL Governor, among many other cool features. Learn how to install, configure and manage CloudLinux easily.

DNS: system is what makes you possible to hit and see this content. We will show you how DNS works, and how to fix common cPanel DNS issues.

Linux / Unix: are two operating systems that are widely used on the web hosting market. cPanel uses CentOS Linux and in order to learn cPanel, you will also have to learn Linux and Unix commands from our tutorials.