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Web Host Manager is the administrator interface of cPanel control Panel. With our step by step guides and WHM tutorials, you will learn how to manage, tweak, and increase the security and performance of your WHM server.

Select a php version from MultiPHP Manager

One of the main features of EasyApache 4 is the ability to use a PHP Selector that allows you to choose between different PHP versions for your cPanel websites. And on this post, we will show you how to select a php version from MultiPHP Manager. I remember how many support requests were received each time we upgrade PHP…

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How can I Remove Frozen Emails from Exim Mail Queue ?

How can I remove frozen emails from exim mail queue? Today we will find out how to delete all your frozen emails from the mail queue. But first, let’s find out what frozen emails are. What are frozen emails? Frozen emails are simply emails sent to invalid address that are underlivered. This mails are stored in the exim…

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How can I Fix Wrong Disk Usage on cPanel?

Sometimes WHM and cPanel are displaying certain amount of disk usage for one particular cpanel user, but that’s not the real disk usage, you find out that it is an incorrect disk usage. When the system is showing wrong disk usage on cPanel, you will have to investigate user’s disk usage using the shell. How to fix wrong disk…

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How to Check if the cPanel Ports are Open

cPanel uses a few special ports to serve apps & services for their cPanel, Webmail and WHM logins. And sometimes users may experience issues with non-standart HTTP ports. On this post, we will start learning the basic cPanel Ports, and a way to see if this ports are open or not. What are the default cPanel Ports? cPanel…

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Sorry, that domain is already setup (remove it from httpd.conf) – Error and Fix

Once in a while, when you are creating a new account on WHM control panel, you can get this weird error: Sorry, that domain is already setup (remove it from httpd.conf). This is a very common error on cPanel and WHM, and it means because the domain you are trying to create already exists in the server. Sorry,…

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How to Enable FTP Passive Mode on cPanel

Active and Passive are two modes of FTP protocol. The FTP server can operate in active and passive. Today we are going to explain how to setup FTP Passive Mode on cPanel using for Pure-FTPd and ProFTPd servers. Active FTP vs Passive FTP FTP uses two data channels between the FTP client and the FTP Server with separate…

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How to Enable Dormant Mode in cPanel

Dormant Mode in cPanel is one of those cool things that we love from this great software. Dormant Mode is an useful cPanel system tool that allows you to save system resources like RAM memory. It reduces unnecessary memory consumption for services that have been idle for 5 minutes. This services will remain dormant until they are strictly…

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