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Web Host Manager is the administrator interface of cPanel control Panel. With our step by step guides and WHM tutorials, you will learn how to manage, tweak, and increase the security and performance of your WHM server.

Enable Gzip on WHM globally for all accounts and websites

Apache mod_deflate module is one of the best friends of a cPanel system administrator. It allows you to save bandwidth and accelerate page speed response by deflating output filter from your server to be served compressed (gzipped) before it goes back to the client. mod_deflate is the modern replacement for the old mod_gzip, which was used to compress – gzip…

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Check and verify cpanel license details

cPanel and WHM is the #1 leading control panel in the web hosting market. And time ago we posted a post about how to get a free cpanel license for test purposes, now… one of the things you may face when you are using cPanel is the need to verify cPanel license details. After testing your free 15…

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Reset SSH port from WHM

This is a new way I found to reset ssh port from WHM control panel if you ever lost SSH access because you forgot what is the port you are running, or something got screwed up in the middle of your sshd configuration. On Linux servers the default SSH port is 22, this also applies to cPanel based…

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Top 4 Nginx Modules for cPanel and WHM

As we all know, cPanel doesn’t fully support Nginx yet, it will be ready in the future as it is one of the most requested features from their users. However, in the meantime, if you want to have Nginx on cPanel you will have to do it using 3rd party modules. Nginx is almost 2x fast as Apache while…

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How to use MultiPHP INI Editor on cPanel

With the new EasyApache 4 we have a new option called MultiPHP INI Editor. It’s a simple PHP editor for WHM users who need to change PHP settings quick and easy. Let’s see how it works and how easy is to use MultiPHP INI editor on cPanel servers. On a previous post we wrote a guide that explained…

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How to Configure EasyApache 4

EasyApache (aka EA4) 4 is the ultimate PHP and Apache management tool for cPanel servers. EasyApache 3 becomes a dinosaur from the prehistoric age against the new and fast EA4. On this post we will teach you how to configure EasyApache 4. EA4 is one of those things that make you proud of using cPanel as your control panel, compared…

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Execute PHP in HTML on EasyApache 4

A few days ago one of our techs was facing a strange issue while trying to execute PHP in HTML on EasyApache 4 from cPanel. After upgrading to EA4, a previously working .htaccess hack that was used to execute PHP in HTML was no longer working. This was the rule we used for our customer: AddHandler application/x-httpd-php5 .html…

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