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Performance and Security Tutorials for Apache, Nginx and LiteSpeed

Web servers are the heart and soul of the internet. Without them you shouldn’t be able to even read this text. Our Web Server Tutorials will help you to tweak the performance and security in Apache, Nginx and LiteSpeed web servers.

How to install Mod_Rpaf on cPanel

Let’s start the week with a very easy tutorial with mod_rpaf.  Today you will learn what is mod_rpaf and how to install Mod_Rpaf on cPanel based servers. Rpaf means reverse proxy add forward, and mod_rpaf is a module designed for backend Apache servers. It’s useful when you are running for example Varnish or Nginx as front end server,…

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How to install Tomcat on cPanel servers

Do you require Tomcat server running in order o serve your Java Servlet and Java Server pages and you are using cPanel servers? Don’t worry, cPanel includes an easy way to install tomcat using EasyApache script. How can I install Tomcat on cPanel servers? Login to WHM panel as root, then click on Software >> EasyApache Select Tomcat…

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Set default charset for one cPanel account

Sometimes the text in our website has been placed on pages using different charsets than the standart one (UTF-8, generally), this can lead into issues while loading special characters for Spanish, Portuguese and other languages different than english. For those times you may need to tweak out the Apache default charset. The default charset for Apache can be…

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