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Performance and Security Tutorials for Apache, Nginx and LiteSpeed

Web servers are the heart and soul of the internet. Without them you shouldn’t be able to even read this text. Our Web Server Tutorials will help you to tweak the performance and security in Apache, Nginx and LiteSpeed web servers.

Best Nginx anti hotlink configuration in 2017

stop hotlinking on nginx

Hotlinking is a big problem for most developers and website owners. On this article we will explore what is hotlink, and how to effectively configure an image hotlink protection for Nginx. Are you looking for a simple Nginx configuration to stop image hotlinking? Tired of this problem? Keep reading to learn how to stop hotlinking, we are going to…

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Top 10 Nginx Tips to increase web server performance

nginx performance tips

Nginx is my favourite web server.  I started testing Nginx on 2010, and started writing Nginx tutorials around 2012, when it was being adopted only by a few big companies. Today everybody uses Nginx because it is fast and 100% compatible with all kind of web programming languages, by far the best alternative to Apache 2. Let’s find…

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Nginx upstream timed out

Upstream timed out (110: Connection timed out) while reading response header from upstream, that was the exact message I saw on my system logs today. I knew I already fixed this many times, but haven’t any documentation about it, that’s why today I’m writing this post, to have a definitive and fast way to search for Nginx upstream timed…

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Flush Nginx PageSpeed Cache on CentOS Linux | Delete ngx_pagespeed cache

Today I was working on a particular dedicated cluster that was an image http cluster, it was designed to serve massive images from a high level traffic website. The images are balanced across the three nodes, with a basic LEMP stack. Nginx was compiled manually with mod_pagespeed (known as ngx_pagespeed). Everything on the servers was working fine, however…

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Disable directory indexes on Apache using cPanel/WHM for increased security

How can I disable directory indexes for all websites on cPanel server? Answer: yes, there is a very simple method to completely disable the indexes directive from Apache web server for all websites inside a cPanel / WHM server. On this post we will learn about what is directory index or indexes, and how to disable indexes using…

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Nginx autoindex: Enable directory listing on Nginx Web Server

How can I enable directory listing on Nginx web server in Linux? Directory listing can be enabled using the HttpAutoIndexModule, the one responsible for that function. The HTTP request is passed to the ngx_http_autoindex_module module when no index is found on your webpage. Enabling directory listing for a website using Nginx is pretty much simple, it takes 2 minutes and…

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301 Redirect: all HTTP requests to HTTPS

I’m trying to redirect all insecure HTTP based requests on my site ( to HTTPS ( My page uses PHP,  how can I do this redirect usig .htaccess with Apache web server? That was the question made by one customer earlier this week. First things first: the redirection from HTTP to HTTPS is done at web server level, altough…

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