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Linux Server Security Tutorials & cPanel Security Hardening Guides

cPanel is a very robust control panel in terms of general code security, but on default cPanel installations cPanel security isn’t 100% hardened. That’s why we’ve written useful and practical cPanel Security tutorials to help you with your cPanel Server Security Hardening.

Follow our Linux Server Security tutorials, as well as our cpanel security hardening guides, prevent hacking, data loss and angry customers screaming at your phone. Start securing your cPanel server today.

10 Steps to Secure WHMCS after installation

WHMCS has a strong background security in their code, however there are always a few important extra steps to secure WHMCS after installation. WHMCS is one of the top leading Web Hosting control panels in the industry. It’s a complete hosting, support and billing solution for all those who want to start an online business. Today we are…

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How to Install Maldet on cPanel

Learn how to install Maldet on cPanel fast and easy. Linux Malware Detector (aka Maldet) is a tool written by Rfxnetworks. It’s a simple but effective way to inspect and scan system and user files against malware or virus. Maldet Main Features MD5 file hash detection HEX based pattern matching Integration with ClamAV if available, to use it…

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/bin/cat: /var/.cagefs/.cagefs.token: Permission denied

Yesterday, one of our customers reported an issue with a PHP mail form that was using mail() function to send outgoing emails. The problem was simple, it was unable to send any emails usign that form. We were able to reproduce the problem, and determined that the problem was caused by CloudLinux CageFS security. The error was logged inside…

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How to install Let’s Encrypt SSL on cPanel servers

Let’s encrypt is a project that offers free ssl certificates for everybody. Yes, you don’t need to pay to have your own SSL certificate installed on your website. Today we will explore how to install Let’s Encrypt SSL on cPanel servers. Important: at the time of writing this tutorial, setting up Let’s Encrypt for cPanel servers was pretty much a…

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Hardening PHP on cPanel servers in 10 steps

Web apps are insecure by default, 99% of web developers don’t think in security when they are building their apps, and if we take a look at the lack of server security that most systems have, it’s a completely insecure world from both parts, app and server side. That’s why on this guide you will learn how o…

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How to install Rkhunter on cPanel

Rkhunter (aka Rootkit Hunter) is a security auditing tool for Unix & Linux severs. It can help you to detect rootkits, backdoors & exploits running on your servers, it uses MD5 hashes to identify possible modifications on important system files & directories, also inspects file permissions , hidden files and directories, suspicious directory and file names and kernel…

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How to: Install ModSecurity on cPanel – Step by step Mod_security cpanel installation

What is Mod_Security? ModSecurity is one of the oldest and most popular Web Applications Firewalls around. As any WAF, it helps system administrators to keep their systems secure, preventing known and unknown web attacks like: SQL Injection Iframe attacks,  Webshell/Backdoor Detection Botnet Attack Detection HTTP Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks Mod_Security is an open source & free software, and…

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