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Linux Server Security Tutorials & cPanel Security Hardening Guides

cPanel is a very robust control panel in terms of general code security, but on default cPanel installations cPanel security isn’t 100% hardened. That’s why we’ve written useful and practical cPanel Security tutorials to help you with your cPanel Server Security Hardening.

Follow our Linux Server Security tutorials, as well as our cpanel security hardening guides, prevent hacking, data loss and angry customers screaming at your phone. Start securing your cPanel server today.

Allow / deny ping on Linux server using CSF Firewall

On this post we will learn how to allow / deny ping on Linux servers, this is useful for both plain CentOS / Ubuntu servers running CSF Firewall, as well as cPanel based servers. But first, let’s learn what…

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Anti DDOS Mitigation using CSF firewall

DDOS mitigation using csf firewall can help you to against low / mid level DOS and DDOS attacks on your Linux firewall. CSF is a complete security suite for Linux and cPanel servers, and can help you to deal…

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Block Brute Force Attacks on WordPress and Joomla using ModSecurity

WordPress and Joomla are probably the two most popular web apps that are massively used by end users to create fast websites. But that popularity also comes with high risks. That’s why today we will explore some ways…

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Restrict FTP and cPanel Ports Access to Certain Countries in CSF Firewall

A very good way to increase your cPanel Server Security is to restrict FTP and cPanel Ports access to Countries where you do have customers, and deny the rest of the countries where you don’t have any customers….

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How to Add a Comment to an existing SSH Public Key

Question: I have an existing SSH key (public and private), that was created with ssh-keygen, however now I need to add a comment to that existing key. How can I Add a Comment to an existing SSH Public…

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How to Install CSF Firewall on cPanel

CSF Firewall is one of the most complete and robust iptables based firewalls in the Linux industry. It was created by ConfigServer LTD and offers a complete security suite for cPanel servers. Today we will explore how to…

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WHM Security Hardening – cPanel Security Step by Step

cPanel and WHM come with some security settings activated by default, however there are lot of things you need to do after the initial cPanel installation to have a secure cPanel server. On this post I will explore…

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