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Linux Server Security Tutorials & cPanel Security Hardening Guides

cPanel is a very robust control panel in terms of general code security, but on default cPanel installations cPanel security isn’t 100% hardened. That’s why we’ve written useful and practical cPanel Security tutorials to help you with your cPanel Server Security Hardening.

Follow our Linux Server Security tutorials, as well as our cpanel security hardening guides, prevent hacking, data loss and angry customers screaming at your phone. Start securing your cPanel server today.

How to setup Let’s Encrypt SSL on Multiple Servers using Nginx + Lsyncd

lets encrypt multiple servers nginx

Installing Let’s Encrypt on standalone servers with cPanel, or plain Linux servers without any control panel is an easy task that can be done within minutes. However, days ago our tech team faced a new interesting challenge. One of our customers required to install let’s encrypt on a website that is running across many Nginx servers using round…

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Reveal Real IP address of Website Powered by CloudFlare

Cloudflare is one of my favorite Internet services for webmasters and developers. I use it as a DNS server, we recommend it to our customers and to everybody who needs free CDN and security services. It’s the company that changed forever the concept of a fast & secure website. The team at Cloudflare has built an amazing service…

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Find Real IP (Origin) address of Website

If you know the IP address, you can easily launch attacks against their web server. Protecting the real IP address of your website is a basic technique in order to revent some basic types of DDOS attacks and floods. Is your website IP protected? Are you sure? While there are certain methods to hide your IP address, almost…

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Allow / deny ping on Linux server using CSF Firewall

On this post we will learn how to allow / deny ping on Linux servers, this is useful for both plain CentOS / Ubuntu servers running CSF Firewall, as well as cPanel based servers. But first, let’s learn what is ICMP after all. What is ICMP? ICMP means Internet Control Message Protocol, it is an important part of the part…

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Anti DDOS Mitigation using CSF firewall

DDOS mitigation using csf firewall can help you to against low / mid level DOS and DDOS attacks on your Linux firewall. CSF is a complete security suite for Linux and cPanel servers, and can help you to deal with small attacks. Let’s learn more about DDOS mitigation configuration using CSF firewall on CentOS Linux. Denial of Service (DOS) and Distributed…

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Block Brute Force Attacks on WordPress and Joomla using ModSecurity

WordPress and Joomla are probably the two most popular web apps that are massively used by end users to create fast websites. But that popularity also comes with high risks. That’s why today we will explore some ways to block brute force attacks on WordPress and Joomla using ModSecurity rules. WP and Joomla are popular because they are…

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Restrict FTP and cPanel Ports Access to Certain Countries in CSF Firewall

A very good way to increase your cPanel Server Security is to restrict FTP and cPanel Ports access to Countries where you do have customers, and deny the rest of the countries where you don’t have any customers. Restrict FTP and cPanel Ports Access to Certain Countries CSF Firewall is an incredible and advanced security suite that let…

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