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Best Linux Tutorials

Find the best Unix and Linux Tutorials for both newbies and advanced users. All our Linux tutorials are based on the most stable Linux OS we use: CentOS and RHEL operating systems.

But on some guides, we will also write and post solutions for Ubuntu and Debian systems, that are very well known inside the Linux community.

How to limit rsync speed and bandwidth usage using –bwlimit

rsync command is a fantastic tool to transfer data over hosts, however by default it uses all your available bandwidth and generates extra I/O. Recently one of my customers was streaming online radio and at the same time he was transfering some big files to an external server. He didn’t knew how to limit rsync speed and came…

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Linux shutdown command: reboot, halt and turn off your OS from command line

How can I shutdown my Linux box from the terminal? What is the linux shutdown command to turn off or reboot my computer? Here we will answer all this questions in a simple and easy way. What is the Linux shutdown command ? Linux includes the famous “shutdown” command, which is an utility to reboot, halt or turn…

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Grep case sensitive examples and usage

grep is one of the most useful tools to find text characters, words and phrases inside your Linux box.  Today we will show you how the correct usage of grep case sensitive parameter to find the exact information you need. Let’s suppose you have two words inside a text file: Hello and hello. If you run a normal…

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eth0 NIC Link is Down error on Linux

This error has happened to me a few times in the past years. The network suddenly gets frozen and then it cames back after a few seconds, on other times it gets frozen and the only way to work remotely on the server is to reboot the box. This is the exact error message I get: kernel: e1000e:…

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Linux Jpeg Image Optimization Command

Days ago we wrote a very useful tutorial on how to optimize / compress PNG files on Linux using the fantastic optipng command. However, lot of users have JPG / JPEG files also, which are widely used for high resolution photographies. What’s the Linux jpeg image optimization command to compress those files? What is JPG format? JPG file…

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Find RAM size in Linux

When you order a dedicated server or cloud server with your web hosting provider, there is one thing you must check always when you first login into your system: your hardware must be exactly the same as ordered. Lot of times, because of order mistakes, dedicated servers providers will give you less hardware resources than the ones you…

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How can I Disable CPU Frecuency Scaling?

As a web performance addict, I’m always looking for ways to improve system performance and speed web applications. And today I will share with you the magic of CPU frecuency scaling, and a practical how to guide to disable CPU frecuency scaling to run your system at full CPU speed. Before getting into how to disable CPU frecuency scaling,…

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