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Best Exim Tutorials and cPanel Email Tutorials

Exim is one of the best Mail servers around for LInux and Unix operating systems. And it’s also the default Mail server for cPanel/WHM control panel. cPanelTips Exim Tutorials try to explain the exim way of working and brings solutions for common exim problems.

At the same time, our Exim Tutorials will teach you how to improve Exim performance and increase Exim Security.

You will also find general Email tutorials for cPanel servers.

cPanel Email Default Ports

cPanel and WHM is probably the best control panel in the web hosting industry. Easy interface, multiple languages, wide range of software support, and when it comes to network and ports cPanel rocks. On this post you will learn about the cPanel email default ports, a quick reference when you need to know the mail ports for cPanel…

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How to Delete mailman archives on cPanel using the Linux terminal

Mailman archiving can be turned off from your mailing list administration area, at option Archive. However… let’s suppose you have a mailman mailing list called [email protected] and you need to clean that list from the command line. The question is: how can I delete mailman archives from the terminal on cPanel? Step by step delete mailman archives on…

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Migrate Emails using ImapSync

ImapSync is one of those great tools that comes really handy when you have to migrate emails from a non-compatible server to a cPanel based server. On this post we will show you how to migrate emails using ImapSync. ImapSync Requirements ImapSync requires you to have access to both mailboxes, on the destiny and on the origin server….

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How to install Roundcube on your website at /mail directory

Roundcube is one of the most popular free web based email clients on the Internet. cPanel comes with Roundcube installed by default, however you can also install roundcube on your website using a custom directory to avoid using cPanel default installation. Roundcube is the webmail client that saved us from being attached forever to the classic and old…

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Useful Exim CheatSheet for Devs and System Administrators

This are some useful basic exim commands, compiled into what we call ‘Exim CheatSheet’. This are super useful to manage exim and troubleshoot general email errors from the Linux terminal. Top 17 Useful Exim Commands List all messages in the exim mail queue exim -bp Get the total number of emails in the queue exim -bpc Show a…

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Linux: Exim Remove All messages From the Mail Queue

How can I remove all the messages from the Exim mail queue from command line? That is a question made by many jr system administrators, webmasters and developers. Sometimes you need to clean  or remove all the messages on Exim mail queue, you can do it either from a web interface like Web Host Manager if you are using…

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How to install CMQ on cPanel

ConfigServer Mail Queues aka CMQ, is a server side app created by configserver.com. It allows you to manage your Exim Mail Queue with a very useful and powerful GUI from WHM control panel. Today you will learn how to install CMQ on cPanel servers. ConfigServer Mail Queues can be useful for SysAdmins and Developers who need to: Determine causes…

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