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cPanel DNS Tutorials

The DNS service is one of the most important internet services. cPanel uses this service to power the DNS resolution and confiugration of all hosted websites on WHM servers. On this category we will try to explain and bring you the best DNS practices trough our cPanel DNS Tutorials.

How can I recover lost DNS records?

how to recover lost dns records

When you migrate sites across servers, sometimes you will face some problems in your apps due to compatibility issues caused by missing PHP modules, different MySQL configurations, etc. But another kind of problem you may face is DNS issues, this is not the most common kind of issues, but they will happen from time to time eventually. I’ve made…

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How to Add SPF and DKIM to All Domains in cPanel Servers

Question: How can I add SPF and DKIM to all domains in cPanel server? Answer: You can do it with this tyny handy script that we will show you below using the command line from the root user of your cPanel server. SPF and Domaink Keys (DKIM) are one of the best practices you can do for your mail…

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How to clear DNS cache of your Operating System

DNS Cache (sometimes called DNS resolver cache) is the way your system has to grab a copy of the internet locations (IP addresses) of each website that you recently visited. DNS Resolver Cache is a DNS database that includes records of all the recent visits to websies and other internet domains. The purpose of DNS Cache This DNS Cache…

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How can I preview a website without switching DNS?

Have you heard about hosts file? Maybe you don’t know what the ‘hosts’ file is, if you don’t, we will teach you how to use it. Today we will show you how to use hosts file to preview a website without switching DNS. On a cPanel server: How can I preview a website without switching DNS after migration?…

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How can I Configure Google MX records for on cPanel servers?

Google Apps Mail is one of the best email services out there. But it needs some manual configuration on your MX records in order to work properly. Today we will explore how to Configure Google MX records on cPanel servers. How can I configure Google MX records on cPanel? If one of your customers or you in the…

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How can I configure Zoho MX records on cPanel?

Are there any good alternatives to Google Apps Mail? And the question is yes. There is Zoho. Today we will see how to configure Zoho MX records on cPanel servers. Zoho Mail is a great alternative to Google Apps Mail. It includes a very good suite of online tools to help you to increase your productivity, while keeping…

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How to rebuild Bind configuration on cPanel

Some times DNS servers on cPanel get corrupted, all the zones do not respond to queries or the service simply doesn’t start at all after restarting the Linux service. That’s when you have to rebuild Bind configuration on cPanel to get all the dns queries working again. How to Rebuild Bind configuration on cPanel In order to fix this corruption on…

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