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cPanelTips MYSQL Tutorials are the most easy to use and well explained MySQL tutorials around. You will find simple and practical step by step guides based in our sysadmin and developer experience.  Let us teach you how to tweak your MYSQL Server Security and Performance.

Unable to establish a PHP session PHPMyAdmin error

Access Denied Unable to establish a PHP session. If you believe that this is in error or inadvertent, contact your system administrator and ask them to review your server settings. That was the error seen on a phpmyadmin installation on one of my customer servers. It’s related to the phpMyAdmin sessions, which need to be written inside the…

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How can I access phpMyAdmin without cPanel login?

A common question by many cPanel end users is: How can I access the phpmyadmin interface without the cPanel credentials? In fact, this has been a feature request by cPanel users, but it has been declined by cPanel development team. However, there is still a workaround to access phpmyadmin without cPanel username and password. On this tutorial, we…

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mysqldump: Got error: 1044: Access denied for user ‘user’@’localhost’ to database ‘database_name’ when using LOCK TABLES

Today I was generating mysql dumps over a few MYSQL databases using the common mysqldump command, and got the following error: mysqldump: Got error: 1044: Access denied for user ‘user’@’localhost’ to database ‘database_name’ when using LOCK TABLES The command was a simple mysqldump: mysqldump -u user -p DBNAME > backup.sql What causes mysqldump: 1044 Access denied error ?…

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MySQL Configuration File Sections Explained

MySQL configuration file sections are something often overlooked by developers and sysadmins, and not everybody takes the time to read and understand what are the my.cnf file sections. On this post we will explain what are the most important mysql configuration sections inside the /etc/my.cnf file. Common MySQL Configuration File Sections On a normal MySQL configuration you will find…

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How can I change the default MYSQL time zone?

Is there any way to change the default time zone in MySQL? That was the question made from one of my customers. And the answer is simple, yes, the MySQL time zone can be changed without any problems using the command line. This change will affect all your MySQL databases, and can not be applied to only one…

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How to edit MySQL my.cnf file on cPanel

When you have your first dedicated server, cloud or vps box, sometimes you need to tweak the server performance to gain speed for your web applications. One of the most common areas you’ll be forced to tweak is MYSQL Configuration.  Today you’ll learn how to edit MySQL my.cnf file on cPanel. How can I edit MySQL my.cnf file on…

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How to: Disable Strict Mode in MySQL 5.6 on cPanel/WHM servers

While upgrading to MySQL 5.6.x on a cPanel server, one of our sysadmins noticed that MySQL automatically enabled Strict Mode on this new version. This made a few webpages offline while requesting SQL data. This pages needed to have sql stric mode off in order to work. Today we will learn how to Disable Strict Mode in MySQL…

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