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cPanelTips MYSQL Tutorials are the most easy to use and well explained MySQL tutorials around. You will find simple and practical step by step guides based in our sysadmin and developer experience.  Let us teach you how to tweak your MYSQL Server Security and Performance.

Could not increase number of max_open_files to more than 12000

Exploring the MySQL error log file on a cPanel server I found this odd message: Could not increase number of max_open_files to more than 12000.  This was happening on a CentOS 7 + cPanel + CloudLInux server. What is MySQL open files limit directive? In simple words: open_files_limit directive from MYSQL is the maximum # of files allowed to…

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Speedup MySQL InnoDB Shutdown by Flushing Dirty Pages

Days ago one of our customers with a very large InnoDB database was having a strange error while trying to restart MySQL server. So our tech team started investigating and found it was caused due to the very big size of the InnoDB database and the dirty pages. What are dirty pages after all? First things first: having dirty…

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How to Generate a Full MYSQL Backup using MySQLDump

On this post we will explore the best way to generate a full MYSQL backup of all your databases inside a Linux server. This is useful for most Linux distributions such as CentOS/RHEL, Ubuntu/Debian, and of course it’s compatible with cPanel servers. Generating backups of all your applications is the best practice you can do to keep your…

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Install MongoDB on cPanel + CentOS Linux

Question: how can I install MongoDB on cPanel servers using CentOS? Answer: MongoDB can be installed using the classic RPM packages. On this post we will explore how to install MongoDB on cPanel servers using CentOS operating system. Introduction MongoDB is a nice alternative to the classic MySQL Server, it’s a different kind of approach to what we…

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Turn Off MySQL Reverse DNS lookup to Speed Up MySQL Performance

Recently my tech team came across a weird problem. It was a MySQL server that was taking forever to serve each query (between 4 to 6 seconds). After taking a deep look, what we found was that the mysql reverse dns lookup was causing the slow that our customer noticed. How can I turn off MySQL reverse dns…

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How to Install Mytop on cPanel to Improve MySQL Server Monitoring

Mytop is one of the best MySQL monitoring tools I’ve ever used. It was written by one of the best MySQL monitoring tools available, written by the ex Yahoo MySQL Guru: Jeremy Zawodny. Today we will explore how to install mytop on cPanel / WHM servers. mytop is a multi-platform (runs onLinux, BSD, Mac OS and even on Windows) terminal based…

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#1045 Cannot log in to the MySQL server phpMyAdmin error

#1045 Cannot log in to the MySQL server, this was the error I got today on a phpMyAdmin installation inside a cPanel server while trying to access the application. phpMyAdmin is one of the best tools to handle your MySQL databases and tables inside cPanel servers. However, sometimes we get strange errors while trying to use it. Today…

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