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cPanel is the #1 leading control panel for web hosting. On this cpanel tutorials you will learn how to us cPanel and WHM control panel.

Nixcp Tutorials will also show you real life show cases about finding the root cause of the issues and fixing common cPanel errors.

You will also learn how to install and configure most cPanel based technologies like cPanel addons (softaculous, fantastico deluxe, installatron, etc),  DNS server, MySQL configuration,  Spamassassin filter configuration to prevent domain incoming spam, FTP settings, Hotlink protection for your domain, and everything about domains, and addon domains.

Our cPanel WHM tutorials will help you to configure your cPanel / WHM server so you can be able to generate and download cPanel backup, create new cPanel hosting accounts, install ssl certificates, resolve email accounts issues or delete old unused account users.

Rebuild corrupt /tmp partition on cPanel

If you ever have your /tmp partition corrupted on a cPanel server you may face read-only errors while trying to write into the partition. That will also cause mysql, apache and other services to fail and stop working eventually. That’s why today we are going to show you how to re-create / rebuild corrupt /tmp partition with this quick…

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How to fix disk quotas on a cPanel server

On this post we will show you how to check the health of your system quotas, you will also learn how to fix disk quotas on cPanel systems. As it’s very common to face disk quota issues running WHM/cPanel software. Fix disk quotas on cPanel The first thing that you must do while analyzing quotas on a new…

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How to increase /tmp partition size on cPanel

Yesterday we published a security tutorial called: Secure /tmp partition on cPanel. While that way to secure the /tmp partition is fine, the script used by cPanel (/scripts/securetmp) has a problem that often affects many system administrators and developers. The problem is simple: cPanel allocates a small space size for the /tmp operations, and lot of times you…

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Install Fantastico on cPanel/WHM

Fantastico Deluxe or Fantastico F3 (the new name) is a great product from Netemberg. With a fast installation it allows you to have a great and simple way to install applications with just a few clicks, without touching a single line of code. On this tutorial we will show you how to install Fantastico Deluxe on cPanel/WHM servers….

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How can I restart services on cPanel servers?

There are times when restarting seems to be the most easy and fast way to get rid of a server problem, some times it is and some times it’s not. Restarting services is not always good, have that in mind. While restarting services can make things work again, and may be a fast way to get your services…

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