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Best cPanel Tutorials

cPanel is the #1 leading control panel for web hosting. On this cpanel tutorials you will learn how to us cPanel and WHM control panel.

Nixcp Tutorials will also show you real life show cases about finding the root cause of the issues and fixing common cPanel errors.

You will also learn how to install and configure most cPanel based technologies like cPanel addons (softaculous, fantastico deluxe, installatron, etc),  DNS server, MySQL configuration,  Spamassassin filter configuration to prevent domain incoming spam, FTP settings, Hotlink protection for your domain, and everything about domains, and addon domains.

Our cPanel WHM tutorials will help you to configure your cPanel / WHM server so you can be able to generate and download cPanel backup, create new cPanel hosting accounts, install ssl certificates, resolve email accounts issues or delete old unused account users.

How to Install EasyApache 4 on cPanel

EasyApache 4 is one of the major cPanel features that we all have been waiting for. Now it’s stable and ready for production enviroments. EA4 is the one in charge of installing and configuring PHP, Apache and all of its extensions/modules. Today you will learn how to Install EasyApache 4 on cPanel based servers. Before you proceed, note…

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Add a Dedicated IP to a subdomain or addon domain

On this post we will show you how to add a dedicated IP to a subdomain or addon domain without creating any account from WHM. For this, we will need to edit some cPanel configuration and Apache configuration files. Let’s start. 1. Edit your subdomain or addon domain configuration file: nano -w /var/cpanel/userdata/usuario/subdomain.domain.com Content should be similar to…

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How to install Softaculous on cPanel

Softaculous is one of the best app installation software we’ve tested so far. Same as Fantastico Deluxe, it provides you a very large app repository so you can install popular apps and cms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and WHMCS with just a few clicks from your cPanel control panel. That’s why today we will show you how to install…

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How to Free up disk space on cPanel servers

Sometimes our servers include small hard drives or our users simply consume lot of disk space. In this situations when your drives are pretty close to be totally full, you may end up having writing error on partitions like /home /tmp or /boot. That’s why today we will teach you How to Free up disk space on cPanel servers. This…

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Apachebooster cPanel plugin

Have you heard about ApacheBooster? It’s a commercial cPanel plugin written by Prajith P fromNdimensionZ. It was created to improve your Apache performance. It uses Nginx and Varnish to speed up your cPanel based websites creating cache for static and dynamic pages. Apachebooster cPanel plugin Features Reduces server loads and memory usage. Boost your sites speed 2x or more….

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Best Free cPanel plugins & Addons for WHM

cPanel plugins are the right way to expand cPanel/WHM native features. You can find many plugins for lot of different stuff, security, system tools, email and much more. But not all of those options are free. That’s why today we will explore the most useful free cPanel plugins & addons for our cPanel/WHM servers. List of most popular…

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How to install ImageMagick on cPanel

Today we will try to answer a simple question: How to install ImageMagick on a cPanel servers? But first, we must understand what is ImageMagick and what can do for us. ImageMagick is a software suite to create, dit, compose, or convert bitmap images. It can read and write images in a variety of formats (over 100) including…

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