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Best cPanel Tutorials

cPanel is the #1 leading control panel for web hosting. On this cpanel tutorials you will learn how to us cPanel and WHM control panel.

Nixcp Tutorials will also show you real life show cases about finding the root cause of the issues and fixing common cPanel errors.

You will also learn how to install and configure most cPanel based technologies like cPanel addons (softaculous, fantastico deluxe, installatron, etc),  DNS server, MySQL configuration,  Spamassassin filter configuration to prevent domain incoming spam, FTP settings, Hotlink protection for your domain, and everything about domains, and addon domains.

Our cPanel WHM tutorials will help you to configure your cPanel / WHM server so you can be able to generate and download cPanel backup, create new cPanel hosting accounts, install ssl certificates, resolve email accounts issues or delete old unused account users.

cPanel Ports & Firewall Configuration

Today we will show you how to find out what are the cPanel Ports and how to Configure your Firewall to allow work normally for all your control panel based web services. This system ports are used for many important areas of your web hosting services such as Email, Named, MySQL, and HTTP among others. On this mini…

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How to Get a List of All cPanel Users Under a Reseller account

How can I get a list of total cPanel users under a specific Reseller account? That was the question we needed to answer. And luckly, we found an answer to get a list of the total sites assigned under a cPanel Reseller account by reading this file: /etc/trueuserowners /etc/trueuserowners is the file where cPanel stores all the usernames…

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How can I Install Memcached and PHP Memcache in cPanel?

Memcached is a distributed memory caching technology that allows users to cache data inside Linux RAM memory. It’s the fastest way to cache objects and data, as RAM memory is way faster than Disk cache systems, which relay on Disk speed, which is always slower than RAM speed. That’s why today we will show you how to Install Memcached…

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How can I Force Roundcube Update on cPanel?

Roundcube is one of the best email clients for cPanel servers, way better than the old Horde and Squirrelmail. However, Roudcube is not as stable as Horde and Squirrelmail, and sometimes its database gets corrupted or affected in some way. This leads to users complaining about not accesing their emails as they want. Today we will learn how…

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How to get a Free cPanel License

cPanel is a pretty awesome control panel, it’s a complete suite of web hosting needs, for both users and system administrators / web hosting providers. Today we are going to see how to get a free cPanel license so you can test it on our box before buying. Where can I download Free cPanel? cPanel offers a free…

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How to Test a cPanel Demo

If you are about to start on the website design and website development business, sooner or later you will need to host your websites, and your client’s websites on a web hosting company. That’s the first important thing, the second, is which control panel you will choose to manage your websites, emails, ftps, etc. Today, we are going…

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Best 5 Free cPanel alternatives for the Web Hosting Market

Based in our experience, cPanel is one of the most complete and easy to use panel in the web hosting industry, and everything in our life has a price. cPanel has invested millions of dollars, in tech, devs and support to develop the most complete Web Hosting panel in the world. That’s why cPanel is not free. However, if you…

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