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cPanel is the #1 leading control panel for web hosting. On this cpanel tutorials you will learn how to us cPanel and WHM control panel.

Nixcp Tutorials will also show you real life show cases about finding the root cause of the issues and fixing common cPanel errors.

You will also learn how to install and configure most cPanel based technologies like cPanel addons (softaculous, fantastico deluxe, installatron, etc),  DNS server, MySQL configuration,  Spamassassin filter configuration to prevent domain incoming spam, FTP settings, Hotlink protection for your domain, and everything about domains, and addon domains.

Our cPanel WHM tutorials will help you to configure your cPanel / WHM server so you can be able to generate and download cPanel backup, create new cPanel hosting accounts, install ssl certificates, resolve email accounts issues or delete old unused account users.

How to remove / terminate a cPanel account using the Linux terminal

On this post we will explore how to delete or terminate a cPanel account using the Linux terminal / CLI (command line interface). Remove / terminate a cPanel account from command line In older versions of cPanel software, to terminate a cPanel account you needed tu run this script: /scripts/killacct or /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/killacct The right sintax to delete a cpanel…

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How to install PHP-Memcache on PHP 7.x using cPanel

After reading, investigating and tried lot of ways to install PHP-Pecl Memcache module in PHP 7.x I realized that there are many known issues with pecl’s provided memcache module in PHP 7+. But I found a way to install PHP-Memcache on PHP 7.x, keep reading. Luckly, the guys at Websupport.tk uploaded to Github an alternative version of PHP-Memcache…

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How to Migrate cPanel accounts without its home directory

Is it possible to Migrate cPanel accounts without its home directory? Yes! It is possible to migrate cPanel accounts without home directory information. The idea is to generate a cPanel full backup, but excluding the home directory contents. This is specially useful when the home directory is really big and you plan to migrate it separately. Let’s say…

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cPanel Login – How can Iog in to my cPanel account?

On this tutorial, we will explore the most common ways to login to cPanel, and we will also guide you on how to fix most common errors while trying to Login into cPanel. Start with our cPanel Login tutorial. How to Login to cPanel Account cPanel offers an easy way to Login to the account control panel. Access…

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How to find the Main Shared IP address of your server in cPanel

Sometimes you need to find the IP address of your main server. If you have a dedicated server or vps it’s very likely you already know the IP address. However, if you are on a shared hosting plan, most of the time you’ll not know what your server IP address. The IP address of your server can be…

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Bandwidth limit exceeded error: how can I fix it?

Bandwidth limit exceeded error is often the most common web errors seen on cPanel powered websites. It happen often in the last days of the month, when lot of websites reach their bandwith limits. What does Bandwidth limit exceeded error mean? It means your website reached it’s bandwidth limit. The result is a suspension of the entire website, it…

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How to Mass Change All cPanel Account Passwords

Today I found a cool way to mass change all cPanel account passwords. This simple script is really useful when you suspect most of your sites are cpanel/ftp compromised and you need to set new passwords really quickly. This tiny script will set new strong random passwords for all your cPanel users, that includes the FTP access for…

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