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Best CloudLinux Tutorials

CloudLinux is the best software to run a stable, secure and fast web hosting company. Follow our CloudLinux Tutorials to understand how CloudLinux works, and how to fix the most common errors that may appear during the day to day usage.

cPanelTips CloudLinux Tutorials are explained with easy language, and always following a step by step structure, so you will be always following easy steps to achieve new CloudLinux technical knowledge.

How to fix: bash: /usr/bin/curl: Permission denied

Today one of our customers was having this error while executing curl from a cron job on his cPanel website: bash: /usr/bin/curl: Permission denied The first thing to check was the curl binary, as it’s common to set it with permission 750 to disallow rouge scripts from execute curl or wget binaries. [[email protected] ~]$ ls -alh /usr/bin/curl -rwxr-x—…

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KernelCare Installation Guide

KernelCare is fabulous kernel update tool by CloudLinux. We started testing this kernel patch in a few servers and the result has been truly amazing, allowing us to avoid server downtime after kernel updates because of each server reboot we had to apply after the kernel was updated. Today we will show you how to run a KernelCare…

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How to Install CageFS on CloudLinux

CageFS is one of the greatest things ever happened on the web hosting world. It’s the key and heart for CloudLinux security. And today you will learn how to install cagefs on CloudLinux, and enable cagefs from CageFS user interface. CageFS is a virtualized file system, but it is not only that… CageFS it’s as its name suggest,…

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How to Uninstall OptimumCache on CloudLinux

On this post we will see how to uninstall OptimumCache on CloudLinux based servers. OptimumCache boost your server and app performance by at least 30% on most cases. OptimumCache is the perfect solution for those who need to increase server performance, reduce server load and boost popular apps speeds like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. However, if you ever…

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How can I Uninstall CloudLinux from my server?

CloudLinux is a really popular tool to secure and hardening your Linux Shared Hosting Servers. It’s 100% compatible with cPanel also, which makes this product a must if you are going to start your cPanel based web hosting company. However, not everyone loves it as much as we do, that’s why today we are going to see how…

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