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CloudLinux is the best software to run a stable, secure and fast web hosting company. Follow our CloudLinux Tutorials to understand how CloudLinux works, and how to fix the most common errors that may appear during the day to day usage.

cPanelTips CloudLinux Tutorials are explained with easy language, and always following a step by step structure, so you will be always following easy steps to achieve new CloudLinux technical knowledge.

CloudLinux installation error: You have third-party kernel module rpm installed

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I was trying to install CloudLinux on an existing cPanel server, and got this error: [[email protected]:~]sh cldeploy -k mykey Checking for an update to cldeploy Downloading version.dat (please wait) cldeploy is already the latest version (1.48) – continuing kmod-kvdo You have third-party kernel module rpm installed (see line above). It’s not compatible with CloudLinux kernel. Please contact CloudLinux…

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What is CloudLinux?

When you visit from web hosting provider website you will probably notice that almost everyone of them is promoting and talking about “CloudLinux”, it’s all over the place and it is related to security, stability and performance. On this guide we will show you what is CloudLinux, its main features and how to install most of its core…

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Install MySQL Governor on cPanel

MySQL service overloads was something quite common on shared web hosting enviroments before Cloudlinux appear in the web hosting market. Previous to this, a poorly written PHP script could cause dissasters in a server while making SQL querys against the MYSQL service. What is MySQL Governor? Luckly we have MySQL Governor, a fantastic CloudLinux feature that can help…

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How to Install Mod_lsapi on CloudLinux

Mod_lsapi is a high performance Apache module that is based on the technology behind the LiteSpeed web server. It’s a drop-in replacement for suPHP, but it can also serve Ruby and Python scripts. It works exactly the same as suPHP, with the big difference that it is faster and uses less system resources to serve PHP files. lsphp on…

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How can I Install OptimumCache on CloudLinux OS

On almost all shared hosting providers, there is one thing in common that all share. They have multiple installations of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Wikis, forums, and many other popular CMS software. We are talking about hundred of the same files installed over and over on different directories on the same operating system. This are duplicate files, that are…

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How to Install PHP Selector using CloudLinux OS?

PHP Selector is one of the coolest features of CloudLinux. It allows you to choose PHP versions for each website on your cPanel server. Today we are going to show you how to install php selector on cPanel servers. PHP Selector also allow users to customize their PHP settings with just a few clicks. In old times, users…

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How to install Python and Ruby Selector on CloudLinux

CloudLinux includes many exciting features, like the famous CageFS technology, that jail users inside their own secure file system. However, CloudLinux also includes other interesting things,  like Python and Ruby Selectors. That’s why today we are going to show you how to install Python and Ruby Selector on CloudLinux. How to install Python and Ruby Selector on CloudLinux ?…

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