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Start your Brotli Test right now. Verifiy if your server does support Brotli compression or not using our free brotli compression test tool.

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Brotli Test Frequently Asked Questions

About this Brotli Test Tool

We’ve built this tool to help you to verify if your webserver supports & is configured to send Brotli compressed data to the browser. We check the web server headers in order to find out if Accept-Encoding: br is present on the request we made.

What is Brotli compression?

Google’s Brotli is the new replacement for the old gzip and deflate compression. It is a revolutionary open source compression algorythm created by Google engineers. A Brotli study conducted by Gooogle confirmed that it can help to achieve up to 25% more compression ration for files than traditional gzip/deflate methods. It also uses less CPU, which helps to reduce server load significantly.

What Browsers do support Brotli?

In order to work, Brotli must be compatible from both sides: server and client (browser). Let’s suppose you already installed brotli compression on your server, now it is very useful to know which browsers are brotli compatible.

According to caniuse, brotli compression is supported by all major browsers in the market, as you see below:

  • Edge 15 and above.
  • Firefox 55 and above.
  • Google Chrome 49 and above.
  • Safari 11 and above.
  • Opera 47 and above.
  • iOS Safari 11.
  • Android browser 5.6 and above.
  • Chrome for Android 61 and above.

How can I enable Brotli Compression on my web server?

You can follow our useful tutorils on how to install and configure Brotli on Ubuntu and CentOS/RHEL, see below: