How can I restart services on cPanel servers?

There are times when restarting seems to be the most easy and fast way to get rid of a server problem, some times it is and some times it’s not. Restarting services is not always good, have that in mind.

While restarting services can make things work again, and may be a fast way to get your services up and running again, as a sysadmin or developer, it’s your responsability to investigate and find the root cause of the service failure. A restart may temporary fix the problem, but it can happen again, and often, service failures are not the final error, but just a symptom of something bigger happening in the background.

These are the most common services you will find on cPanel servers, if you ever need to restat http, cpanel, exim, named and many others, here you have the full list of commands to do so:

Apache/HTTP service

service httpd restart

cPanel/WHM service

service cpanel restart

Exim/Email service

service exim restart

Dovecot/Email service

service dovecot restart

Named/Bind service

service named restart

MySQL/Database service

service mysql restart

IPaliases service

service ipaliases restart

Networking services

service network restart

Pure-ftpd service

service pure-ftpd restart

Proftpd service

service proftpd restart

Crond/Scheduled tasks service

service crond restart

CSF Firewll

service csf restart

Munin Monitor service

service munin-node restart

OpenSSH service

service sshd restart

Xinetd Service

service xinetd restart

After this now you should be able to restart services on cPanel servers by your own.

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Experienced Sr. Linux SysAdmin and Web Technologist, passionate about building tools, automating processes, fixing server issues, troubleshooting, securing and optimizing high traffic websites.

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