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How to rebuild Bind configuration on cPanel

Some times DNS servers on cPanel get corrupted, all the zones do not respond to queries or the service simply doesn’t start at all after restarting the Linux service. That’s when you have to rebuild Bind configuration on cPanel to get all the dns queries working again. How to Rebuild Bind configuration on cPanel In order to fix this corruption on…

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Apache: Resource temporarily unavailable: setuid: unable to change to uid

Today we discovered a weird issue in one cPanel box, it was having a strange Apache error and it was crashing on and on. We checked the logs and found this error: Resource temporarily unavailable: setuid: unable to change to uid: [Tue Apr 27 10:01:03 2016] [alert] (11)Resource temporarily unavailable: setuid: unable to change to uid: 99 [Tue Apr 27 10:01:03…

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How to install Mod_Rpaf on cPanel

Let’s start the week with a very easy tutorial with mod_rpaf.  Today you will learn what is mod_rpaf and how to install Mod_Rpaf on cPanel based servers. Rpaf means reverse proxy add forward, and mod_rpaf is a module designed for backend Apache servers. It’s useful when you are running for example Varnish or Nginx as front end server,…

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How to install Let’s Encrypt SSL on cPanel servers

Let’s encrypt is a project that offers free ssl certificates for everybody. Yes, you don’t need to pay to have your own SSL certificate installed on your website. Today we will explore how to install Let’s Encrypt SSL on cPanel servers. Important: at the time of writing this tutorial, setting up Let’s Encrypt for cPanel servers was pretty much a…

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How to: Install PHP Phalcon on cPanel servers using EasyApache

Phalcon a high performance mvc, robust and multi-functional PHP framework written as a C-extension. As any other extension, it’s compatible with Apache web server. On cPanel servers it can’t be installed in a native way, however there is an EasyApache 4 addon ready so you can install PHP Phalcon on cPanel servers without any issues. Phalcon Features Low-level architecture C-extensions…

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Apachebooster cPanel plugin

Have you heard about ApacheBooster? It’s a commercial cPanel plugin written by Prajith P fromNdimensionZ. It was created to improve your Apache performance. It uses Nginx and Varnish to speed up your cPanel based websites creating cache for static and dynamic pages. Apachebooster cPanel plugin Features Reduces server loads and memory usage. Boost your sites speed 2x or more….

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Best Free cPanel plugins & Addons for WHM

cPanel plugins are the right way to expand cPanel/WHM native features. You can find many plugins for lot of different stuff, security, system tools, email and much more. But not all of those options are free. That’s why today we will explore the most useful free cPanel plugins & addons for our cPanel/WHM servers. List of most popular…

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