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Install Brotli (mod_brotli) on Apache Web Server

installing brotli apache

Brotli compression is the new replacement for Gzip and mod_deflate. Days ago we wrote a tutorial on how to install brotli on Nginx web server, and today we will try to explore a way to install brotli compression on Apache web server. Brotli support for Apache web servers is done by using mod_brotli, an official HTTP module that provides…

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Install Brotli Compression on Nginx (ngx_brotli)

nginx brotli

Brotli is the next generation lossless compression algorithm for web applications. I discovered this fantastic new compression algorithm while working with one of my customers. It is the new RFC 7932 standart that provides a better solution than the traditional and beloved gzip. Nowadays, it is supported by 90% of the most popular browsers, so it is almost…

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How to install Varnish Cache on cPanel

varnish on cpanel

A few days ago one of our customers requested our tech suppor team to install Varnish on a cPanel + CentOS 7 dedicated server. He wanted to stick to Apache, but to speed up the static file serving, and this is the configuration we used to help him. But first, before into getting directly into the installation process,…

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unexpected inconsistency linux fsck

Yesterday one of my customer servers crashed due to server powering off unexpectedly, and there was no ssh access of course. As it is a remote hosted server we were unable to get our hands on it. When it started again it ran an automatic fsck over sda and sdb.   As it was a slow SATA II drive…

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cPanel default open ports

cpanel default ports

This is the default open cPanel ports for most common cPanel installation, for both VPS and Dedicated servers. You can use this cpanel port list sometimes to verify the default cpanel port for some specific services, or when you are setting up a cPanel firewall configuration. What ports are used by cPanel? Below you will find the complete list…

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How to setup Let’s Encrypt SSL on Multiple Servers using Nginx + Lsyncd

lets encrypt multiple servers nginx

Installing Let’s Encrypt on standalone servers with cPanel, or plain Linux servers without any control panel is an easy task that can be done within minutes. However, days ago our tech team faced a new interesting challenge. One of our customers required to install let’s encrypt on a website that is running across many Nginx servers using round…

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Debugging Slow PHP Scripts using PHP-FPM slow_log variable

debug slow php scripts slowlog

Since the beginning of times, when you needed to check out PHP errors in the logs you always went to take a look into the famous error_log, that is part of all common web servers. However, since I switched to Nginx and started using PHP-FPM as default daemon for php processing, I discovered something really cool. Unlike mod_php…

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