How to Get a List of All cPanel Users Under a Reseller account

How can I get a list of total cPanel users under a specific Reseller account? That was the question we needed to answer.
And luckly, we found an answer to get a list of the total sites assigned under a cPanel Reseller account by reading this file: /etc/trueuserowners

/etc/trueuserowners is the file where cPanel stores all the usernames that belong to a certain reseller account.

With a simple grep we can find what is the owner of any website.

How to list all cpanel users under X Reseller?

grep user /etc/trueuserowners | cut -d : -f 1

And that’s it

Replace ‘user’ with your reseller name.

You should get something like:

[[email protected]:~]grep nixcp /etc/trueuserowners | cut -d : -f 1

Do you know other ways to get the list of accounts inside a cpanel reseller from the command line? If you do, please share it with us.

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