How to install Tomcat on cPanel servers

Do you require Tomcat server running in order o serve your Java Servlet and Java Server pages and you are using cPanel servers? Don’t worry, cPanel includes an easy way to install tomcat using EasyApache script.

How can I install Tomcat on cPanel servers?

Login to WHM panel as root, then click on Software >> EasyApache

Select Tomcat while you are rebuiling Apache, that is the only step needed in order to install Tomcat on your sistem.

How can I enable Java Servlets for my domains?

Login to WHM panel, then click on Account Functions >> Install Servlets, this will install all the Java servlets support for your domain.

How can I access the Tomcat Manager?

You can manage your Tomcat server from http://hostname:8080/manager.
Replace hostname:8080 with your real server hostname.

How can I remove/disable Tomcat?

If you ever don’t need to run Tomcat anymore, you can remove it by loggin into WHM >> Service Configuration >> Service Manager.

Finally, if you also need to remove all servlets, run this command:


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