Best Free cPanel plugins & Addons for WHM

cPanel plugins are the right way to expand cPanel/WHM native features. You can find many plugins for lot of different stuff, security, system tools, email and much more. But not all of those options are free.

That’s why today we will explore the most useful free cPanel plugins & addons for our cPanel/WHM servers.

List of most popular Free cPanel plugins & addons

1. CSF Firewall  by Configserver

This is one of the most popular free cPanel plugins ever, created by the all mighty Jonathan Michaelson (aka Chirpy on cPanel forums) .

It is a complete security suite, that includes iptables based firewall, antiddos rules, intrusion detection system, among other cool features.

2. CMC  by Configserver

Configserver Modsecurity Control is a Mod_security (application firewall) configuration interface that allows you to configure Apache’s mod_security security module with a simple GUI, to add, edit and remove rules and general mod_sec configurations.

This is a must for all those who need to harden their apps & server security. You can learn how to install this addon by reading this guide: Install ConfigServer Modsecurity Control on cPanel

3.CMM  by Configserver

A complete email management platform from WHM interface. This cool addon allows you to view, edit and delete email accounts, forwarders and filters. You will also be able to modify email quotas, email passwords and mail hourly limits.

4. CMQ by Configserver

Exim queue management, the perfect tool to get control over your email queue and avoid incoming and outgoing spam emails. You will be able to mass control all the emails in the exim mail queue, delete emails, filter and deliver manually.

Install instructions can be found at: How to install ConfigServer Mail Queues (CMQ) on cPanel

5. nPHPselector by Nixtree

This addon lets you select the PHP version for each website from the cPanel interface.

cPanel already support this feature on EasyApache 4.x, and CloudLinux also supports it natively with its PHP Selector app, however if you don’t have EA4 or CloudLinux, you can use it without any problems.

6. Nginx Admin by NginxCP

Nginx is a high performance HTTP server that is used by the most busiest websites in the world. Unfortunately, cPanel doesn’t support Nginx natively, that’s why this addon will work perfectly for those who want to use Nginx with cPanel.

Note that this will provide a Nginx Reverse Proxy solution, so Nginx will handle all the static stuff and your Apache web server will still delivering the dynamic pages.

7. RKHunter WHM Interface by Admin-Ahead

Rkhunter is one of the best security auditing tools for Unix and Linux servers. This interface let’s you handle all the rkhunter report stuff from a GUI. A must for all those who want to keep their servers secure and audited.

8. WatchMySQL by NDCHost

This cool script let’s you monitor and watch mysql usage. WatchMySQL can configure connection limits by cPanel users, packages and global. It can also alert server admins when a cpanel user when a limit is reached. And it can also kill MySQL connections if needed.

9. Google Apps Wizard by GK~root

Google Apps Wizard addon was created to facilitate the needed steps to configure your domains with Google Apps. This tool lets a normal cpanel user without any DNS knowledge to configure Google Apps with their account with just a few clicks.

Do you know other Free cPanel plugins that are not listed here? Please share it with us.

About the Author: Santiago Borges

Experienced Sr. Linux SysAdmin and Web Technologist, passionate about building tools, automating processes, fixing server issues, troubleshooting, securing and optimizing high traffic websites.

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  1. Thank you for very good piece of writing. However, RKHunter WHM Interface by Admin-Ahead is no more free as I checked.

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