How to get a Free cPanel License

cPanel is a pretty awesome control panel, it’s a complete suite of web hosting needs, for both users and system administrators / web hosting providers. Today we are going to see how to get a free cPanel license so you can test it on our box before buying.

Where can I download Free cPanel?

cPanel offers a free cPanel trial for all those who need to test cPanel and WHM before buying.

If you are looking for a free cPanel license, let me clarify, there is no such thing. cPanel has a free trial for a 15 days period, however after that you must pay and get a license for your server IP in order to continue working with it.

In the cPanel trial period, you will find why cPanel is the best software for your web hosting needs. And if you get in touch with cPanl technical support (they will even install the free cPanel license for you) you will find why there is a little fee behind this amazing software. It worth every penny.

There are a few nulled copies of cPanel around the Internet, and our advise is to AVOID that kind of cPanel clones, because there are not safe at all, most of them are infected with malware and your box will never be totally secure after you install that into your Linux system.

A Free cPanel License, really?

Well.. as you should know, there is no free cpanel download or free cPanel license, sorry if this dissapoint you, but you must pay for it. But hey, don’t give up… you can get an inexpensive cPanel license, for real. Store offers cPanel licensing for as low as $20 / month for VPS servers and $45 for Dedicated Servers.

However, there are other ways to get a cheap cPanel license if cPanel official pricing is out of your budget.

How can I get a Cheap cPanel License?

There are many ways to get a low cost cPanel license, many massive cPanel Resellers can sell you really cheap cPanel licenses. The best way to get a cheap cPanel license is to buy directly with a coupon or promotion in places like, right now there is a cheap cPanel VPS license (can be used on VPS or Cloud servers) for as low as $13,95, check out BuycPanel Specials

How can I install a Free cPanel Trial?

Before buying, we suggest you to get a cPanel trial and test it for free. Get your trial version from cPanel Official Trial page, and then install cPanel and WHM on your box by running this commands:

cd /home && curl -o latest -L && sh latest

This command will download all the cPanel files on your /home directory, and then install the latest cPanel and WHM version.


cPanel doesn’t have a free version, but as you saw it is not expensive, it’s a really cheap solution for web hosting providers and hosting startups to have a really cool, secure and funcitonal control panel to provide solution to their customers.

If this doesn’t convince you and you don’t have any money to buy a cheap cPanel license, you can always search and check out this Free cPanel Alternatives.

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