Error 0x800CCC80 in Outlook Email Client

Error code 0x800CCC80 in Outlook ‘None of the authentication methods supported by this client are supported by your server‘ is a very common type of error when users are working with Outlook Email client.

How can I fix 0x800CCC80 error in Outlook?

If your email server runs cPanel, one quick fix is this:

Browse to WHM >> Exim Configuration Manager >> Basic Editor >> click on Security tab:

Disable / deactivate the following option:

Require clients to connect with SSL or issue the STARTTLS command before they are allowed to authenticate with the server.

Disabling this Email security option will decrease the security of your email server (exim), because after doing this, the server will start allowing plaintext tranissions of auth credentials. It’s a dirty way to fix the issue, but they will be able to connect.

However, the best option would be to change or disable TLS authentication on your email client.

Do you know other ways to fix Error 0x800CCC80 in Outlook email client?

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