Enable Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) on LiteSpeed and Apache

In the old days, developers and webmasters were forced to use local fonts from their computeres to visualize web fonts in their web pages. But today you can load a big number of fonts from remote sources to get a more rich font experience and enchance your visitor usability while browsing your website.
On this article you will learn how to enable CORS on LiteSpeed and Apache WebServer so you can load your fonts normally without any issue.

One of the most typical issues while loading fonts from remote servers (specially CDN providers) is that sometimes it simply doesn’t work, your font is not loading ok from the CDN provider, and your site looks like sh*t.

Why is my font not loading while using a CDN?

To answer that question, first you need to know about CORS.

CORS means Cross-Origin Resource Sharing, is a technology that allows or deny restricted files (web fonts for example) to be requested from a different domain outside the domain from which the first resource was originally served. CORS is part of the reason on why your static resources (like fonts, javascript or images) are not loading from the CDN, from an external website.

Web browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Chrome will not allow you to embed web fonts if they detect that it’s hosted on an external website. The CORS mechanism will prevent you from loading those fonts, but you can setup a whitelist to allow those resources to be loaded from an external website, or from everywhere.

Enable CORS on LiteSpeed Web Server

Let’s enable CORS on LiteSpeed and Apache Web Servers.
In order to load fonts and other resources from your CDN, you must place this code inside an .htaccess:

# Images and General graphics

<FilesMatch "\.(gif|png|jpe?g|svg|svgz|ico|webp)$">
SetEnvIf Origin ":" IS_CORS
Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*" env=IS_CORS
# Webfons

<FilesMatch "\.(ttf|ttc|otf|eot|woff|font.css|css|woff2)$">
Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*"

Now, test this out using ‘curl -I’ command against your domain:

curl -I www.yoursite.com

Output example:

[webtech@localhost ~]$ curl -I www.nixcp.com
HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2017 13:09:11 GMT
Connection: keep-alive
Set-Cookie: __cfduid=d7204a727c28f6f2fcde94ddb7b66746b1484658551; expires=Wed, 17-Jan-18 13:09:11 GMT; path=/; domain=.mp3teca.com; HttpOnly
Accept-Ranges: bytes
Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *
X-Turbo-Charged-By: LiteSpeed
CF-RAY: 322a0a49b7b76821-EZE
[webtech@localhost ~]$

If you see “Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *”, then that means your web fonts should load fine from now on. If they don’t, try cleaning your browser cache and restaring your HTTP server, and if that still doesn’t work, contact your CDN provider for support.

While I used this for LiteSpeed, it works perfectly for Apache too as it’s a simple .htaccess configuration.

That’s it. Now your local fonts, images and javascript should be loading blazing fast from your CDN provider or external website. Did you had any troubles while trying to enable CORS on LiteSpeed?

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