cPanel default open ports

This is the default open cPanel ports for most common cPanel installation, for both VPS and Dedicated servers. You can use this cpanel port list sometimes to verify the default cpanel port for some specific services, or when you are setting up a cPanel firewall configuration.

cpanel ports

What ports are used by cPanel?

Below you will find the complete list of default ports for cPanel servers along with a description of type of service, and running servers. This list may change in the future, and it also depends on how servers are configured by the system adminstrator.

cPanel Required Ports

FTP ports

Port Service Details
20 FTP TCP inbound/outbound
21 FTP TCP/UDP inbound/outbound

System administration over SSH

Port Service Details
22 SSH TCP inbound

Remote Date Server
37 rdate TCP outbound

Default Email ports

Port Service Details
25 SMTP TCP inbound/outbound
26 SMTP TCP inbound/outbound
110 POP3 TCP inbound
143 IMAP4 TCP inbound
465 SMTP TLS/SSL TCP/UDP inbound/outbound
783 SpamAssassin TCP/UDP inbound
993 IMAP4 SSL TCP inbound
995 POP3 SSL TCP inbound
2095 Webmail TCP inbound
2096 Webmail SSL TCP inbound

Other common cPanel services

Port Service Details
53 DNS TCP/UDP inbound/outbound (inbound is needed only if you run your own public DNS server)
80 HTTP TCP inbound/outbound
443 HTTPS TCP inbound
3306 MySQL TCP (only if you need to connect remotely)

WebDAV Services

Port Service Details
2077 WebDAV TCP/UDP inbound/outbound
2078 WebDAV SSL TCP/UDP inbound/outbound

cPanel Basic Ports for HTTP and HTTPS logins

Port Service Details
2082 cPanel TCP inbound
2083 cPanel SSL TCP inbound
2086 WHM TCP inbound
2087 WHM SSL TCP inbound
2089 cPanel license TCP outbound

Other cPanel services

Port Service Details
43 whois TCP outbound
113 ident TCP outbound
873 rsync TCP/UDP outbound
6666 IRC TCP inbound

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