How to Convert Addon Domains to cPanel Accounts

Since version 58.x, cPanel introduced a cool script that allows you to convert Addon Domains to cPanel Accounts.

After converting an addon domain into a separate stand-alone cPanel account, you’ll have full control over your new domain and its resources, such as MySQL databases, FTP accounts, Email accounts, and more.


Addon Domains vs Independent Domain Hosting (cPanel accounts)

Why on earth would you want to add your new domain names as ‘addon domain’?
cPanel allows you to add addon domains, however it’s one of the worst decisions you’ll ever made.

Addon Domains use same resources, ftp and system user as the main domain owner where it is created.

If someone hacks into your main domain via FTP, all your addon domains will be exposed. And don’t imagine if they decide to inject malware, virus or phising, all your sites will be defaced easily.

On the other side, creating domains using cPanel’s Create a New Account function from WHM, allows you to setup a total independent FTP & cPanel user account for your new websites.

You will be managing all your sites each one with a private FTP & control panel, each one with its own resources, php versions and security (if you are using CloudLinux)

How can I Convert Addon Domains to cPanel Accounts ?

Before you begin, please note that:
  • You must have the rearrange-accts ACL in order to convert an addon domain into a cPanel stand-alone account.
  • Ensure you have 3x times the space required for the addon domain before you start, as there is lot of data involved in this conversion.
  • Perform a full cPanel backup of the original account that hosts/own the addon domain before the conversion.

Convert Addon Domains to cPanel Accounts: Let’s Start

This can be done from WHM interface:

WHM >> Transfers >> Convert Addon Domain to Account

Start selecting your domain from the list.

Then, set the desired Username, Contact Email, Package (optional), and choose your account ownership in case you want the old account to own your new one.

Configuring Additional Details

Selection Details

From this area, you’ll choose what you want to move to the new cPanel account.

Click on Configure at ‘Website Configuration‘ section.

Now you can select the items you want to copy, for example:

  1. Copy contents of document root directory.
  2. Copy custom VirtualHost include files.
  3. Copy the installed SSL certificate.

You’ll also be able to copy Custom DNS records, this can be done in this way:

  1. Click Configure in the Custom DNS Records section heading.
  2. Select the Move Custom DNS Records checkbox.
  3. Click Save Selections.

Another thing you’ll want to copy are the Email accounts, email forwarders, and all the email related stuff. Click Configure in the Email section.

  1. Select the Copy email accounts checkbox.
  2. Select the Move email forwarders checkbox.
  3. Select the Copy autoresponders checkbox.
  4. Select the Copy webmail data checkbox.
  5. Click Save.

Copy / move MYSQL Databases from your addon domain

Follow this steps to copy your addon domain’s MySQL databases to your new account:

  1. Select Configure in the MySQL Database section heading.
  2. Click on the Copy button in the How do you want to transfer your MySQL Databases? section.
  3. Click on each checkbox next to the databases you want to copy.
  4. Enter your new database name for each one.
  5. Click Save.

Start your Addon Domain Conversion to cPanel account

After all this steps, you should be ready to convert Addon Domains to cPanel Accounts:

  1. Click Start Conversion.

Please let us know how the conversion finished and if you faced any problems during the process.

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