Apachebooster cPanel plugin

Have you heard about ApacheBooster? It’s a commercial cPanel plugin written by Prajith P fromNdimensionZ. It was created to improve your Apache performance.

It uses Nginx and Varnish to speed up your cPanel based websites creating cache for static and dynamic pages.

Apachebooster cPanel plugin Features

  • Reduces server loads and memory usage.
  • Boost your sites speed 2x or more.
  • Protects against DDOS attacks.
  • Saves you money as you will need less hardware than ever.
  • Managed from a single visual interface integrated with cPanel/WHM panel.
  • Integrated Bandwidth and Traffic monitoring.
  • Ignore virtual hosts from cache.
  • Cache both dynamic and static stuff.


According to the official home page, this are the requirements of

  • cPanel WHM control panel installed.
  • CentOS / RHEL 5.*, 6.* & 7.*
  • Perl (already included in all cPanel installations)
  • 200Mhz CPU + 20MB RAM
  • Apache 2.4.x or 2.2.x with compiled PHP
  • PCRE Lib – (auto installed)


Apachebooster uses two core servers to speed up your web apps

  1. Varnish Cache: is a web cache accelerator, usuall acts as a reverse proxy to cache your dynamic content and enchance your server performance significantly.
  2. Nginx: Is the high performance web server that powers the top busiest sites on the internet, it also improves security, stability and scalability for simple to rich web applications. It’s also an effective mail proxy and load balancer.

Have you tried ApacheBooster cPanel Plugin? What do you think about it? Do you notice a real difference in terms of speed and server performance?

If you are interested, check out their official home page

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