How to Add Barracuda RBL to Exim on cPanel

One of the best ways to stop incoming SPAM on cPanel servers is to use the RBL feature that Exim includes on its configuration. By default, cPanel servers comes with two pre-defined blacklists:


Those are disabled by default on standart cPanel installations. However, even if you enable both blacklists, I’m pretty sure you will still receive lot of incoming SPAM.

But don’t worry, before start thinking about expensive professional anti-spam solutions, you can try another alternative, and that is to enable a third blacklist, in this case Barracuda, which is one of the most professional anti-spam black lists services we know.

How to add Barracuda RBL in WHM

The BRBL (Barracuda Reputation Block List) installation on cPanel is pretty easy, just follow this steps and it will be ready within one minute:

1. Log into WHM panel as root user.
2. Search for Exim Configuration Manager’ under ‘Service Configruation’ option.
3. Click on Basic Editor, and then on RBLs
4. Click on the ‘Manage’ button that is at the right of ‘Manage Custom RBLs’.
5. At the ‘Rbl Name’ field enter the following:


6. Inside the ‘RBL Info URL’ field add the following text:

7. Inside the ‘Dns List’ field add the following text:

8. Click the ‘Add’ button.

Now you need to activate/turn on the new Barracuda Block List on your Exim configuration.

Activate Barracuda BRBL on Exim

1. Move to WHM panel again, and click on ‘Exim Configuration Manager’.
2. Set ‘Custom RBL: Barracuda’ to ‘On‘.
3. Click ‘Save‘ to activate Barracuda RBL.

That’s all. Now your cPanel box should be pretty much protected against incoming SPAM emails with Barracuda RBL. Click here if you need to know more about Barracuda anti-spam black lists.

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