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How to setup a Remote MySQL Database Connection

mysql tips and tricks

90% of the times you connect to a MySQL database it is done by using “localhost” as the host inside the connection settings in your PHP files, as most of you host the files and the database on the same server.  However, especially in high traffic websites, a remote MySQL database is needed. In other occasions, you will need…

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Windows XP can’t connect to Samba on CentOS 7.x

centos tips and tricks

I have a customer that has two servers, one with CentOS 5.x and Samba 3.x, it was able to connect from all kind of Windows computers to the shared directory by Samba. However, on a new CentOS 7.x running Samba 4.x, all machines could connect except the ones using Windows XP, and some Windows Server 2003 clients. The…

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A message that you sent has not yet been delivered to one or more of its recipients

cpanel tips and tricks

This is a pretty frequent error on all email systems. Often cPanel based customers report this mail delivery warning, and they think the mail server is failing, or it is a hosting problem. The exact error message would look like: From: Mail Delivery System Subject: Warning: message 1fQdkg-00023y-1r delayed 24 hours This message was created automatically by…

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CloudLinux installation error: You have third-party kernel module rpm installed

cloudlinux tips and tricks

I was trying to install CloudLinux on an existing cPanel server, and got this error: []sh cldeploy -k mykey Checking for an update to cldeploy Downloading version.dat (please wait) cldeploy is already the latest version (1.48) – continuing kmod-kvdo You have third-party kernel module rpm installed (see line above). It’s not compatible with CloudLinux kernel. Please contact CloudLinux…

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OwnCloud: Error and fix: Archives of type application/octet-stream are not supported

cpanel tips and tricks

Today one of my customers opened a ticket showing a strange case where an Owncloud installation running over cPanel + LiteSpeed web server was showing this error: Archives of type application/octet-stream are not supported The issue was pretty weird and started when my customer needed to install any Owncloud modules from the OC Market, in particular the “Contacts”…

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How can I recover lost DNS records?

how to recover lost dns records

When you migrate sites across servers, sometimes you will face some problems in your apps due to compatibility issues caused by missing PHP modules, different MySQL configurations, etc. But another kind of problem you may face is DNS issues, this is not the most common kind of issues, but they will happen from time to time eventually. I’ve made…

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Install Google Mod_PageSpeed on cPanel + EasyApache 4

modpagespeed cpanel

Pagespeed Insights is one of the Google’s projects to make the web faster. Along with that cool tool to measure website speed, they also publish the famous mod_pagespeed, an HTTP module for Apache and Nginx, used to accelerate and optimize any website. ModPagespeed can be installed in cPanel servers also, and fully integrated using EasyApache 4 on WHM. …

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