Nginx upstream timed out

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Upstream timed out (110: Connection timed out) while reading response header from upstream, that was the exact message I saw on my system logs today. I knew I already fixed this many times, but haven’t any documentation about it, that’s why today I’m writing this post, to have a definitive and fast way to search for Nginx upstream timed out error… Read more »

Allow / deny ping on Linux server using CSF Firewall

On this post we will learn how to allow / deny ping on Linux servers, this is useful for both plain CentOS / Ubuntu servers running CSF Firewall, as well as cPanel based servers. But first, let’s learn what is ICMP after all. What is ICMP? ICMP means Internet Control Message Protocol, it is an important part of the part of the… Read more »

Flush Nginx PageSpeed Cache on CentOS Linux | Delete ngx_pagespeed cache

Today I was working on a particular dedicated cluster that was an image http cluster, it was designed to serve massive images from a high level traffic website. The images are balanced across the three nodes, with a basic LEMP stack. Nginx was compiled manually with mod_pagespeed (known as ngx_pagespeed). Everything on the servers was working fine, however there is… Read more »

Disable directory indexes on Apache using cPanel/WHM for increased security

How can I disable directory indexes for all websites on cPanel server? Answer: yes, there is a very simple method to completely disable the indexes directive from Apache web server for all websites inside a cPanel / WHM server. On this post we will learn about what is directory index or indexes, and how to disable indexes using the Apache… Read more »

Anti DDOS Mitigation using CSF firewall

DDOS mitigation using csf firewall can help you to against low / mid level DOS and DDOS attacks on your Linux firewall. CSF is a complete security suite for Linux and cPanel servers, and can help you to deal with small attacks. Let’s learn more about DDOS mitigation configuration using CSF firewall on CentOS Linux. Denial of Service (DOS) and Distributed Denial of… Read more »

What is CloudLinux?

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When you visit from web hosting provider website you will probably notice that almost everyone of them is promoting and talking about “CloudLinux”, it’s all over the place and it is related to security, stability and performance. On this guide we will show you what is CloudLinux, its main features and how to install most of its core components on… Read more »

Linux Jpeg Image Optimization Command

Days ago we wrote a very useful tutorial on how to optimize / compress PNG files on Linux using the fantastic optipng command. However, lot of users have JPG / JPEG files also, which are widely used for high resolution photographies. What’s the Linux jpeg image optimization command to compress those files? What is JPG format? JPG file format is… Read more »